Panasonic Lumix G6, I am in love with this camera.

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Re: My take on the G6 design

Schira wrote:

For anyone interested there us a preview on CNET Asia.

Gone are the days of bling. That includes the shutter button, ring around the lens mount, lens release button, all those stamped/machined lookalike buttons in the back. If you like Dodge blacktop version of cars/trucks, you may find it to your taste. I would prefer the feel of metal to touch than a screen/pad printed plastic button.

Now we have almost no metal around the body. Even the area where the Lumix is written is plastic. You can see the split line of the slide used to create this in the mold in some pictures on Amazon.

How the front, top and the back shells are split is very tasteful. Almost in an unsuspecting way. The same goes for the lines defined on the top. Beautiful.

The more defined texture found in G5 seems to have given up to a more moderate texture at the top. I like the one on my G5. Even if it scratches, it is almost undistinguishable on that texture. And it is like a PC ABS combination that feels very hard.

The soft material surrounding the evf is a dust magnet.

It looks more chunky when combined with the smaller diameter kit lens. An illusion plays a role here.

On G5 the opening to look thru the the EVf is very small due to masking. If I am right it is not so on G6.

The strap lugs are now angled and not horizontal reducing the overall size.

The machined/raised look of the G is is now a mere flat printing.

Like how the mode dial looks with the two rings cut on the knurling.

The adjustment wheel looks same hopefully they worked on the feel and easyness of working with it.

It's not an expensive camera; $750 with kit lens on release. Body-only will eventually be available and price will drop over time.

That being said, it looks like solid plastic, just like the GH2 which was actually a nice build.

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