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Re: Why so defensive?

MikeInIndy wrote:

Grevture wrote:

In every discussion, subthreads evolve, and this particular subthread was not really aimed at the OP (which I think is obvious to most readers). What I, and several others, objected to is the tiresome and often repeated blanket statement that FX lenses are always more expensive. They are not. Which for some reason you seem to find very offending

Except they are, unless one applies your particular exception that requires factoring in sensor performance and DOF.

Well, I look at performance at a whole, if you choose to look at some aspects of performance you care less about as "exceptions" it becomes very hard to have any constructive discussion at all. For me and for many others, it is the overall performance of the system which is interesting, and that does indeed include DOF control and light gathering performance.

And sensor performance is a moving target, the highest DX cams of today are within a stop of first gen FX cameras and have greater DR at base ISO.

It indeed is moving, one of few things which remains constant is FX sensors being 2.25 times bigger then APS-C sensors which mean they will always be ahead in some key aspects no matter how far sensor technology advances.

Also while true, not everyone thinks shallow DOF is a "good" thing.

What DOF is appropriate varies with the situation, but more DOF control is never be a bad thing.

The only fixed "difference" that isn't a matter of taste is focal length to achieve equivalent FOV, and comparable focal length and aperture vs comparable focal length and aperture, I really don't think you'll be able to find one lens where an FX model is cheaper than it's DX equivalent.

That is true - according to your taste, not necessarily to others. You seem to make a lot of assumptions about other peoples needs based on your own priories.

Subthread or not you guys attacked a poster

So pointing out that someone made a inaccurate statement equals "attacking" him/her? No wonder you seem so offended that we do not share your views

who boiled down to the least common denominator the idea that everything for a D600 is more expensive and based that on a valid, but irrelevant idea that FX is cheaper if ultimate performance is your measure.

Well, I for one happen to think performance actually is a factor. You might think of DOF and low light performance as "ultimate" (whatever that means in this context), and that is entirely up to you. But you probably will have to get used to other people thinking differently then you. Also in this very forum.

My bottom line is your argument was off topic to this thread and is based on a subjective ideal.

Now you got me curious: What ideals are not subjective?

But yes, you and me seem to have different views on what performance in a camera system which does matter or not. Your opinions are not any less valid then mine, but I have the same right to express my views as you have to express yours.

And the OP specifically asked about D600 and said it was within budget, so how can the differences in performance between FX and DX be off topic?

If one wants to be an available light art portrait shooter, no DX probably isn't the best solution.  If some guy wants to shoot snapshots of his kid a D600 is overkill any way you slice it.

What is overkill or not depends entirely on the budget and personal priorities. So no, I don't accept this is a universal "any way you slice it" scenario. Just as it is false to say that FX lenses always are more expensive. It is a matter of ones budget and priorities. Any way you slice it ...

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