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Which is the better camera system to go with? Canon or Nikon? Does one or the other have better lenses ? We all know that they try to out do each other in technology. Although I think Nikon is winning right now. Canon or Nikon which is better to build a system on? I've actually thought about going over to the other side.

Both brands have a huge system of lenses and accessories to choose from which is a serious advantage over time. They take a tiered approach to this that no other manufacturer can afford to do yet. I know Nikon way better than Canon, but they are similar in this. For example, Nikon offers as brand new boxed glass:

  • tier of professional f/2.8 zooms from 14 to 200mm
  • tier of f/4 professional zoom lenses from 16 to 400mm
  • tier of variable aperture consumer zooms from 18 to 400mm
  • tier of f/1.4 prime lenses from 24mm to 85mm
  • tier of f/1.8 - f/2 prime lenses from 28mm to 200mm (probably not yet complete)
  • tier of f/2.8 prime lenses from 14mm to 400mm
  • tier of macro lenses from 40mm to 200mm
  • tier of exotic super telephotos from 200mm to 800mm
  • tier of tilt shift perspective primes from 24mm to 85mm

Plus a lot of additional offerings in between for over 80 choices just from Nikon and not considering thrid party or no longer made choices. One can create a complete kit of quality lenses along whichever tier you can afford or which meets your needs.

Just looking at crop camera kit type zoom lenses alone over the past few years, we see several choices starting at 18mm.

  • 18-55
  • 18-55 VR
  • 18-70
  • 18-105 VR
  • 18-135
  • 18-200 VR

Add to this a huge variety of accessories for various specialized applications and the fact that many third party providers only make for Nikon or Canon and you can begin to see what a real systems camera means and is the reason I switched from the excellent Pentax lineup in 1968 to Nikon. I still have an use Nikon glass I purchased back in those early days.

A lot of people don't know this but Nikon still makes a line of brand new manual focus AIS glass for their 35mm film and digital SLR cameras.

Then if you decide to go professional, only Nikon and Canon offer professional services worldwide with NPS and CPS where you can get expedited repair or a loaner if needed. Again, all part of an extensive systems level array.

Much of this might not be needed by the average novice just starting out, but if one considers the future, one might wish to consider this huge level of compatibility within the brand and without as well as legacy and brand new.

This isn't an insult to Sony, Olympus, Panasonic or Pentax, but is a description of what I consider to really mean a full system type provider and is one reason Nikon and Canon are more often considered for professional use. It doesn't mean these others are not good cameras. It just shows an upgrade path unparalleled by anyone else if and only if a person really needs or wants this. That's the key. You've got to want and/or need this level of system choice.

Take care and have fun.

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Cheers, Craig
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