LA-EA2 + SAL35f18 - lens profile? (Shocked) :-(

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Re: LA-EA2 + SAL35f18 - lens profile? (Shocked) :-(

Kashmir442 wrote:

Wow, I never noticed how limited the A-mount profiles in Lightroom are. There's probably one for that lens available for download separately.

That said, that lens, being a 35mm prime, should have very little distortion at all. If it seems to have some vignetting, just shoot an evenly-lit, white wall, fix it in LR, and save that as your preset. Add a bit of sharpening, punch, etc. if you like those by default, and done.

This was my first thought as I was reading this thread. There is very little distortion with the SAL35, nothing you would ever see in a photo unless you were shooting architecture which isn't the forte of a 35mm lens in the first place. What it does have however is very noticeable vignetting at f/1.8, but you don't need a lens profile to deal with that in LR.

If the OP still wants a specific profile and doesn't feel like building their own, hundreds of them exist out there. Just do a simple search in your favorite search engine.

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