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Who's perception of time is valid here? Is two years a really long time, or is it as it seems to me very recent to the point that I feel like my D7000 is just getting broken in. I told a friend of mine the other day whom I had recommended the D90 to about three years ago, that it was time for him to upgrade to the D7100. ARE YOU NUTS, I JUST GOT THE THING ON YOUR ADVISE!

I was just thinking about that, how you still see lots of folks on the street with D80 and D90's (And T3i's and T2i's) but the only people I know with D7000's or up are the few hardcore enthusiasts. The upgrade path is getting into diminishing returns... I can't see any of my friends with D90's wanting to go for the D7100, the insta-buy factor just isn't the same as it was before.

Yeah it seems unlikely that anyone who isn't a camera enthusiast will ever notice a difference between a T2i, and a D7000, or 7100 for that matter . Having noted that, I've been into photography for about forty years, and the rapidity of changing models seems just ridiculous at this point.

Anyway, I guess the advise to buy every other model incarnation makes more sense practically, being that, that brings us right up to the old 5 year mark of film camera model changes.

I'll admit, I do not agree with Reilly very often.  But I've been putting pen to paper and have to say that if you just bite the bullet and buy the new model, and meanwhile ebay your current model, you can stay in the most current model without spending much more than upgrading every other model.  For example:

The following is for body only and both examples utilize a "buy in" with the D90.

2008 buy D90 (-$900), wait until 2013 and buy D7100 (-$1200), sell D90 (+$450) = total expense $1650

2008 buy D90 (-$900), 2010 buy D7000 (-$1100) and sell D90 (+$600), 2013 buy D7100 (-$1200) and sell D7000 (+$700) = total expense $1900

So you save about $250 over a few years by sitting on the older model?

The main way to make this financial model work in favor of the person who doesn't upgrade often would be to consider that they always want to have a backup camera and they always want their backup to be relatively new (for example, you won't sell your D7000 because you need it as a backup).  If you don't sell your old camera you're talking about a $1100 difference which is quite a bit.

I'm curious what others think of this strategy.

The thing is that for what I consider important the D7000 is better apparently, which is lifting shadows without issues. In every other respect the D7100 seems a little better, but not enough for me to use your buying logic in this case.

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