How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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Re: How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

nevercat wrote:

Vlad4D wrote:

I completely agree that with F0.95 50mm primes NEX is better in low light. But I know few peoplewho use only kit zoom on NEX and is not going to buy F1.8 primes. Because of that I just want to compare 2 complete packages for around 500 euros each. NEX-3N is actually closer much for RX-100 in size, price and missing VF (and NEX-3N has low light performance identical to NEX-6 in my test)

I think comparing NEX-3N to RX-100 is fare comparison and for many amateurs the only difference is over-hyped sensor size promising much better pictures in bad light.

Well that is just one part of it. The larger sensor gives more control over DOF at the same VOF compared to the smaller sensored cameras. The WA lenses will give more FOV then on the smaller sensors. Due to the larger pixel size you will see less lens faults etc.

But if it is not always true - other advantages or RX-100 enters into game - it is smaller, has better video quality, more zoom, memory recall...

Both are very nice cameras with their own strong and weak points. The main advantage of the Nex over the RX-100 is the flexability of the system. You can (as you want) use other lenses and improve the low light quallity. You can use long tele lenses, you can swivel the screen etc.

I completely agree with all your words, I only wanted to clarify question about low light capabilities.

I just want to make sure I understand this topic right. It seems that smaller sensor does not necessary makes the camera worse low light performer.

Well not totaly. to compare to sensors lower light capability you have to do it with the same apperture. Then you are comparing the sensor low light capabilities. When someone is interested in good low light they probably are interested in higher IQ as a total, also in better light situations. So they will have to invest in the best camera/lens combination they can get to gain their goal. IQ is more the low light, it is more then numbers in a test.

Sorry I can not agree here

Today most cameras doing good pictures in bright outdoor light. Completely acceptable for normal soccer mom But most of those cameras will fail completely to make at least not very bad picture of active child indoor.So IMHO low light capabilities is most important property of camera (low noise high ISO and reliable and fast autofocus). And even in good light, low noise high ISO would allow to use smaller and cheaper (not bright) telephoto lens and still keep shutter time short enough for sharp images. IMHO low noise high ISO with fast autofocus is all what is important, the rest already good in most cameras.

When you compare at the comparometer on this side you will find that the RX100 at ISO 800 will deliver slightly softer pictures then the Nex6 at ISO 3200, maybe some more noise.

Yes, I see it too.

In the end the RX100 is not bad at low ISO at all, but the Nex is better.

Agree, RX-100 is best compact ever !!

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