Longview, Washington

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LOL... yeah... the memory is not what it used to be I'm afraid. I had a grand total of eight images and then promptly ran out of memory. I should have transferred the card in the Sony over to the Kodak but that never occurred to me. Copied the images from internal memory to a card when I got home and uploaded them to Photobucket to post here.

Been thinking about acquiring another Kodak. Really enjoyed Graham Houghton's video on the Z981 and what it can do if the ISO is low to cut back on noise. Houghton also extols the wonders of the Panasonic Lumix FZ200. Don't really know if I want yet another camera when I hardly use the ones I have. If I "do" decide to go that way, I'll probably sell one or trade it in.

Yeah, I'm from Niagara, Dave. Wonderful scenery there, let me tell you. But I do enjoy the view of the Pacific that I now have. I no longer have to shovel my winters as before. Life is good.

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