"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: There is no accepted definition of "equivalent images"

echelon2004 wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

Amin Sabet wrote:

There is a proposed definition of "equivalent image" but not an accepted one.

Since perspective is one of the basic parameters in composition together with angle of view and depth of field, equivalence is not possible in any sense that will ever be useful anywhere else but on DPreview. I suppose that could be one of the reasons why only one person has ever bothered trying to come up with a definition

Since camera to subject distance ("perspective") is held constant in the comparisons that King James makes, the entire premise of your technical point seems to evaporate into misty dewdrops ...

You can't keep all things unchanged.

Your SIGINT is coming through heavily encrypted, soldier. Please do expound on your hypothesis.

It is not possible to create the same image with the same perspective, depth of field, field of view and carachterestics from the lens with different size sensors/film. That's the whole point having them...
And it would be terribly daft to spend time and money trying to emulate what is readily available

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