No more SLT!

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Re: Unfair!

Dirk W wrote:

Poor people who just invested in an expensive SLT body that will soon be outdated by some superior totally new successor technology - if nothing else this will really hurt the resale-value of the SLT.

You can say this about any and every camera ever released. A year later the new/better/cheaper/whatever model is released and it really hurts the resale value of the old one. With the exception of the higher end cameras which are usually 2-3 years inbetween. So what?

Or cars or computers or mp3 players or phones or pretty much anything electronics. If you want an investment, don't buy an obsolete-in-3-years digital camera. Invest your money into good glass if anything, which tends to hold value much better than camera bodies.

Will all of the existing DSLT cameras seize up and stop taking photos when the new mirrorless a-mount line is released? The only people who care about this are people who must always have the best and latest gear to brag about on the internet. People who actually take photos will still want to buy SLTs long after they stop production, hell, people still buy old Sony a100's, Canon 350D's and the like.

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