GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: I don't

Jorginho wrote:

Look this is all pretty static. Also, you show what many do not like all too much either: everything is in focus. No object isolation.

The problem with CDAF are moving subject, fast ones. Especially to you or away from you. Birds in flight; the same thing.

DSLRs are much better here, not just, much better.

But the very fast AF in good light here helps of course. I have GH2 and EPl5 and EPL5 is already a bit better than my GH2. GH3 is may be even better. But from what I have seen and heard it is not there (at all) yet.

I really would like to have 5 fps with AF tracking that keeps up and not just jumps to another subject that is standing still. Or not an AF system that starts to hunt when I want to shoot a bird in flight, which the GH2 (again) does even worse than my EPl5.

So: you can do it, but what is meant that it can't do it nearly as well as a 7D or a D7000 or D5200 for instance.

While I agree DSLRs are superior in Continuous AF, the GH3 is the first mirrorless camera I've found to be "good enough" in this respect.  I did a comparison with a D800 in a tough environment...slalom and GS skiing in twilight conditions at close range and found the GH3 to be competent enough with a good percentage (~75%) of keepers.   The CAF tracked well and didn't get confused with high contrast backgrounds (see image below) and I didn't have a problem tracking the skier even though I have to pan extremely fast (90 degrees in just a few seconds).   My full analysis is here:

I view it like Image quality.  Yes, Full frame cameras are better, but the OMD and GH3 are the first m43 cameras that meet the "good enough" criteria for me to dump my D800 FF system.  And while the D800's CAF is better, it's static AF in indoor warm lighting was abysmal IMO, so indoor family shots with that nice shallow DOF I was paying for in cost and weight was wasted.

The GH3's AF is absolutely accurate...I would have a difficult time going back to a DSLR with all the calibration required.   I'm an engineering geek and have always been very retentive about front and back focus and have been driven crazy with most DSLR systems out there.   They are all sensitive to quality and temperature of light.   The GH3 (like the OMD) just nails the focus every time.

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