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What ever was under that top center point when you activated the AF was what the camera tried to continue to track. So if the top center point was on the fence, and not your subject, it tracked the fence and not the subject.

EOS 7D: Sophisticated, Customizable AF System

Automatic AF point selection in AI Servo AF mode: This is where things get interesting. All previous EOS SLRs, film or digital, have required the photographer to begin tracking a subject with the center AF point when using Automatic AF point selection. Once the subject has begun to be tracked, the camera would allow the outer AF points to continue to track its movement if the subject or camera moved so that it was now off-center.

But with the EOS 7D, for the first time in a Canon EOS camera, the user can pre-select any of the 19 AF points and use that as a starting point to begin tracking his or her subject. If the subject then moves away from that point, the camera will continue to follow it. Another great new feature: if any surrounding AF points are actively tracking subject movement, once the initial AF point has “passed-off” the subject to them, these new points appear in the finder, so you always know what the camera is doing.

Once set in AI Servo AF and Automatic AF point selection, to pick a starting AF point, just press the rear AF point select button, and use either dial or the rear Multi-controller to navigate the one AF point you’ll see in the finder to where you want it to be, to initially track your moving subject.

Automatic AF point selection combined with AI Servo AF can be very useful with subjects you know will be moving, and especially if you know they will start at one area of the frame, and end up at another area.
Once again: if you see the thin outline of the outer 'brackets' in your viewfinder, you're in Automatic AF point selection mode, and the camera is going to try to select the active AF point for you.

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