So I'm thinking about entering the Sigma system...

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Re: So I'm thinking about entering the Sigma system...

Tryglaw wrote:

So I'm thinking about entering the Sigma system, and I hope maybe the good people here could help me out with a few doubts and questions...

1. SD15 with kit lens can be had on ebay from Germany for under 400 Euro, which is a bargain. But - does anyone here have any personal experience with sellers offering these? Who's good, whom to avoid? What about warranty and refunds / sending back?  (Never bought anything from ebay before).

I buy my Sigmas locally in Norway (, cannot comment on eBay dealers..

2. Assuming the setup has FF/BF issues, in your experience - is it better to send back and change, or have it adjusted by Sigma service?

Have it adjusted. You may not find a single 50/1.4 that fits the camera out of the box even if you tried a hundred copies.

5. Sigma lenses, where do you buy yours (esp. to fellow Europeans)? Very few places seem to carry a choice, so I'm resigned to online shopping, and after the kit I'll be aiming for a 50mm f/1.4, and we shall see how much will Sigma charge for that nifty new 18-35 f/1.8 (if too much, I'm thinking 30mm f/1.4 for starters).

The 50/1.4 is a superb lens on the SD15 but AF is easier with the 50/2.8 so unless you need the extra brightness I'd go for the f/2.8 macro (I've had both). Then again, if you intend to manually focus with a split screen, the f/1.4 may well be more fun

I consider selling my SD15+50/1.4 after getting the DP3M, but not because the images from the DP3M are better (the SD15 colors are arguably more appealing), it's a question of size since I take many of my photos when traveling etc.

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