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Re: Sony money maker

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It is from sonyalpharumors that usually has good news and not fakes

You *do* understand what a "rumor" is, right? And how often SAR has gotten it wrong?

As for the mirrorless cameras, it's pretty much well known that Sony is focusing on a FF NEX as well as eliminating SLT entirely, but that this may only pop up in 2014.

Is a full frame NEX not just a rumor too? I honestly don't see the point of a FF NEX. A tiny camera  behind a mammoth full-frame lens.

We all knew that the SLT will disappear when the on-sensor-focussing improved. That the SLT cameras will disappear is not surprise and not even an rumor. The only surprise/rumor is the speed that it happened. Maybe Sony had a break-through with a new focussing method, although it might be just an incremental improvement since some camera producers already managed reliable and semi-fast focussing in cameras.

I believe that is the point of a full-frame NEX. The NEX line is popular. Sony makes full-frame sensors. They have all the bits. I think its quite rational that they attempt to increase sales, profit, market-share.

Sony certainly didn't have a breakthrough on the focusing speed of the RX1. This is important to note because the RX1 has the small body like the NEX system, but the RX1 has a FF sensor. But even on this flagship concept model, the focusing speed leaves much to be desired compared to the worst DSLRs . . . darn it.

A few things to keep in mind. The lens was designed to be as compact as possible, not to be the fastest possible focusing lens. The camera designers recently commented on this and stated that the large elements are part of the cause. The other is the fact that it's CDAF, not PDAF.

Even if the next generation of APS-C sensors is capable of fast on sensor PDAF, FF sensors are likely to take longer to develop, since faster read out speeds (very important for on sensor PDAF) are always much harder to achieve as sensor size goes up.

I didn't see a jump in focusing speed from the 5N to the 5R

The latter is capable of PDAF, the former is not and the latter can do follow focus in certain situations (with acceptable results, not comparable to good DSLR/SLT follow focus yet), the former really can't.

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