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It is from sonyalpharumors that usually has good news and not fakes

You *do* understand what a "rumor" is, right? And how often SAR has gotten it wrong?

As for the mirrorless cameras, it's pretty much well known that Sony is focusing on a FF NEX as well as eliminating SLT entirely, but that this may only pop up in 2014.

Is a full frame NEX not just a rumor too? I honestly don't see the point of a FF NEX. A tiny camera  behind a mammoth full-frame lens.

We all knew that the SLT will disappear when the on-sensor-focussing improved. That the SLT cameras will disappear is not surprise and not even an rumor. The only surprise/rumor is the speed that it happened. Maybe Sony had a break-through with a new focussing method, although it might be just an incremental improvement since some camera producers already managed reliable and semi-fast focussing in cameras.

I believe that is the point of a full-frame NEX. The NEX line is popular. Sony makes full-frame sensors. They have all the bits. I think its quite rational that they attempt to increase sales, profit, market-share.

A FF NEX does make more sense than a mirrorless SLR-sized camera, if only because people still don't expect NEXs to focus as fast as SLR/Ts. Sony won't release a full size mirrorless until on-sensor PDAF is as fast as separate-sensor PDAF, and we are still a few generations from that occurring.

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