GH3 - Who says that m43 is not good for sports !!!

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Re: Seems a moot point, Aleo.

Jorginho wrote:

With the right technique and MF available you can shoot sports with any cam if you do it well.

The argument mostly revolves around the DSLR vs mirrorless cams when it comes to fast action. PDAF vs CDAF mostly. And CDAF is not nearly as good as the PDAF in a D7000, 7D, 50 or 60D etcetc for this. CDAF is more accurate, has no BF issues etc but fast actions is clearly not one of its strenghts (yet).

Agreed 100%.

But will a faster processor work it out?

As we know CDAF mainly rely on the processor's power to determine the focus, exposure etc, than give instruction to the lens to focus and take the picture. I believe soon Panasonic/ Olympus might develop a new processor (8 cores or 16 cores whatsoever) which would be fast enough to make all calculation within split of 1/100 sec? Back in 80's we used 8086 CPU @33Mhz and now, we are talking about a 2~3Ghz quad core CPU as a start....

On the other hand, its seems that future PDAF improvement might be quite limited (already excellent) ....

Wishing one day MFT's CDAF would catch up with PDAF.

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