should I upgraded to D700?

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Re: should I upgraded to D700?

tmtmtmt wrote


my thoughts exactly!

i see the huge megapixel count as a negative thing, as i shot raw having 20 -30 mb files, like on the D600, is just too much (i don't print that big). However, i wold like a camera that handles dark situation better then my D90, and faster AF is also a welcome upgrade.

Have you compered pictures in dark situation, with similar focal length, between the D700 and the D90 (or higher) ?

Well from a shooting standpoint the D700 has zero issue focusing and shooting whereas the D90 wouldn't always be able to "see" well enough to focus in low light/dark situations.

Once you get a shot in the dark, I know that with the D700's shots I can underexpose a bit more without the fear of bringing in a ton of noise when I pull the exposure back up in Lightroom.  There's noise...but not as much as if I was shooting with the D90.

And if you choose to bump the ISO to remedy the above the D700 wins there too.  It's pretty clean up to 800-1000 from what I can see and if you're downsizing your prints then even less issue.  Frankly, for an 8x10 noise is not an issue.

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