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Re: Why so defensive?

MikeInIndy wrote:

Grevture wrote:

Me and some others just pointed out that the common blanket argument "DX does the same thing cheaper" is not entirely accurate. You pay different prices for different things, and depending on the perspective FX often can be cheaper (to provide a given result).

You seem to take this as some sort of personal insult.

Nobody claimed DX is inferior (except - indirectly - you). We just pointed out that in terms of bang-for-the-buck DX is not always cheaper.

Except nobody made that argument.

I did.

Someone said FX lenses cost more, and then we got into some convoluted ridiculous argument about relative performance and relative lens price.

If you find facts ridiculous, it is of course entirely up to you, but others might find them helpful

Some guy comes in and asks "should I buy a D7100 or a D600" the first thing that comes to my mind is not "this guy needs ultimate performance better make sure he doesn't screw up and save 1000 bucks on that D7100 because that last stop of sensitivity and that 1 stop equivalent thinner DOF will make a lot of difference to his photography".

I for one also made a direct response to the OP regarding his question, where I argued he would probably be better of getting the cheaper camera and spend the difference on lenses instead. Maybe you should try reading what people actually write before you criticise them.

In every discussion, subthreads evolve, and this particular subthread was not really aimed at the OP (which I think is obvious to most readers). What I, and several others, objected to is the tiresome and often repeated blanket statement that FX lenses are always more expensive. They are not. Which for some reason you seem to find very offending

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