Isn't it amazing......

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Re: Isn't it amazing......

VidJa wrote:

Don't worry,

I'm still enjoying my really really old D50 (2006!). I regularly do print A2 posters from it borrowing the A2 Epson from the Repro department.

To be honest. I feel a bit deprived of options lately by Nikon. I really like the old D50 size but its current counterpart, the D3200/D5200 have no motor so I would need to replace my already 23 years old 105 Micro Nikkor and lightly younger 50mm f/1.8  as well.

The D90 is substantially better than the D50 any way you want to compare them, 12mp vs 6mp, much better LCD display, faster, and they're almost exactly the same size, differing only in height by 0.1", 5.2 x 4.1 x 3.0 vs. 5.2 x 4.0 x 3.0 according to DPReview's review specifications.

According to Thom Hogan's article "The Ultimate Upgrade Guide" there's no reason to upgrade the D50 if you're happy with what you're getting from it. If not, he writes

You have to consider why you're unhappy. If it's just more features and pixels you want, the D5000 is your choice. If you just want more pixels, the D3100 is a consideration. If you're ready to make a big leap in functionality (and complexity), then a used D90 or new D7000 or D300s might be reasonable choices. Forget FX bodies. If you needed FX, you'd already have it.

If you think that the D90 might be worth considering, Adorama is currently selling it for substantially less than most other dealers, $599 vs $800 or more. For example, B&H's price is $809. Also, if you'd want to keep your old camera, the D90's battery and charger are compatible with the D50. If you only have the older EN-EL3/3a batteries though, they won't work in the D90.

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