About OSS degrading image quality

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Re: About OSS degrading image quality

jk2l wrote:

As Zeiss said that OSS will degrade the IQ of the lens so they refuse to add OSS as part of the lens.

Can anyone explain why? is it the software part or mechanical part? What sort of degrading can we expect if they add OSS into it? is it the sharpness or the contrasts or what we are expecting here?

Also disabling the image stabilizing via in camera menu can this improve my IQ of my image that taken with the OSS lens? (e.g. SEL50F18)


Sure, OSS works by shifting a lens element group around inside the lens to move the image opposite the direction the camera is moving.

So I see 2 places where you lose image quality, 1 from the OSS not perfectly balancing your motion.  It is good, but there will be some error in its movements.

Secondly, you have 2 more lens elements in the lens.  These will work to degrade image quality too, especially if something is out of spec.  Having more elements in the lens makes this more likely.

However, both Canon and Nikon have proved you can make excellent image quality OSS lenses, they both have superb 70-200mm f/4 VR/IS lenses.

Sensor shift has similar issues with positioning or alignment, but not with adding extra elements.  Also, sensor shift can be problematic above 200 or 300mm as it just can't move enough to correct for the shake.

Every OIS/IBIS system I have used has at times messed up my pictures instead of helping them. Most of the time they are great, but every so often you will get some crazy image where the system didn't do the job properly.


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