My next lens the DA 43 ltd ?

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I own both the 35ltd & 43ltd

While they are seriously different lenses, neither really substitutes for the other. In my case you will have to pry them out of my dead cold fingers to get them away from me. Been showing both for almost a decade now and never fail to be impressed by either lens.

You'll likely see the rests from the 35ltd, like most other DA Limiteds tends toward a more pedantic or clinical result. Thus is not bad at all as they offer superbly crisp images, well save for that puzzling 14mm...then the FA generally are more challenging to use as they can sometimes be a bit less forgiving, in exchange they consistently produce more sublime images than you'd think possible. It's the pixie dust in those FA Limited that gives them their you can get them in cool silver...

My favorite creative lens happens to be the 43ltd followed by my 77ltd. But my money maker is the 35ltd as I do product shooting to pay a few bills over the year. While the 43ltd is no macro it's MFD (minimum focusing distance) is reasonably close and with its resolving power there's ample room to crop if needed. The bike of the 43ltd can be odd and never compares to the 77ltd and it's not even close. The 35td has amazing bokeh AT MACRO DISTANCE, after that is also can look bit nervous now and then. None of these should considered show stoppers. I call my 35ltd The Fourth Amigo to complement the three amigos (31ltd, 43ltd & 77ltd) so I'm spoiled.

We're I you I would surely get that 35ltd repaired but might buy the 43ltd first as your 35ltd could be in the shop for more then a while. But by no means would I not get it fixed ASAP.

Enjoy your dilemma as it's one of the delightful issues that comes with shooting Pentax...this is a case where the only bad choice is to not repair the 35ltd.

Oh, do try and find a Main Japan copy of the 43ltd. I read of more, though still somewhat rare, issues or frustrations from MIV copies of the FA Limiteds...mind this a totally subjective opinion. In fact it could easily just be user frustrations but why not grab an original if you can.

I'm sure you know there are oodles of samples from both over on Flickr...

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