Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Fuji Prices Are Too High.

mistermejia wrote:

Man, since i bought my S5 PRO a couple months ago, Comming from Nikon, my photos are just comming out differently with more life to them and i really really like Fuji's color output, and i can honestly say that i am keeping my S5, possibly forever.

But, i am also in a need for a second body with higher ISO capability for my low light shooting, I WANT to stay with Fuji and would like to get an X-PRO1, but honestly i think these cameras are still over priced, compared to what everyone else has.  What i mainly don't like is the significant slow auto focus, although i think i would probably get used to its AF limitations, but the prices are just killing me.  I am sorry, that's just my opinion.  Some people have already told me that their lenses are made out of metal, high quality and this and that, but those lenses are tiny and wide open they are not the greatest either, and i also think they are over priced.

I know many will start to jump on my for saying this, but wouldn't you guys preffer  that Fuji actually lowered their prices.  I know the X-PRO1 was selling at a much higher price originally, but i still think they just cost too much.  That's actually THE only thing preventing me from moving completely to Fuji.

I think the most i would pay for a X-PRO1 is around $999 new.

For an XE-1 i would probably pay $699 new.

18-55 lens $500.

Im i the only guy that think the prices are too high and will most of you here will defend those prices to remain high??  If this would be the case then might as well just buy the amazing and fast new D7100 for only $1199.

I agree that they are a bit expensive, but I'm glad. There is a problem in the world today: everything has to be the same price. The niche for well-made, quality design worked products is dwindling in favour of bang for buck and that's it.

I am not sure the Fuji X series is THAT well made, but it assumes a different niche than the typical cheap mirroless camera and I'm all for that. Otherwise, we have a blanket of Toyota style rip off cameras made for one thing and one thing only: cheapness.

Choice and selection are very important. If it is too expensive, don't buy it, but please, don't push Fujifilm to cheapen the X series by commoditising it to the extent of point and shoots and other mirroless. I'd rather they establish a price, keep the price even until the next model is released, and make that price high to keep out the riffraff that only buy cheap and complain whenever something doesn't fit their definition of price/performance while they shoot their cats and grass back yards.

This. Nailed it.
Plenty of cheap plastic crap out there. I'll gladly pay extra for quality & design. I'll reward the company putting out small cameras that look & feel like old Contax film cameras. I'm buying what fuji is selling, all day long. You can have your nikons or NEX or whatever else your trying to compare their prices to.

*as for the "poor auto-focus"... lol- that a user issue. The xpro-1 I used for 2 days was plenty sufficient, even in very dark surroundings.
It's not a speed demon, but then again some of us don't need a speed demon to nail shots...

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