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Re: Pity those that don't have cameras, not those that do.

Dirk W wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

Dirk W wrote:

Poor people who just invested in an expensive SLT body that will soon be outdated by some superior totally new successor technology - if nothing else this will really hurt the resale-value of the SLT.

Don't pity the people who are actually enjoying their cameras now, rather than always waiting for the next "breakthrough".

Notice also that all superlatives in my and your quote above, are best used in marketing, but usually mean much less in terms of real life output differences.

I agree to both your statements. Of course not everybody - but I am sure some do - is looking for the resale value, and this should not diminish the fun with using your current gear. And I should have put those superlatives into quotation marks - who knows what will come. I have been disappointed before by SONY, e.g. by the announced "highly improved" focus speed of the NEX's on-sensor PDAF sensors.

I personally have never bought a body with the resale value in mind, especially in the digital age. With expensive lenses, that's usually a different story. If it had been an important factor to me, I would have never invested in Sony to begin with.

By the time these new rumored APS-C cameras come out, a higher end camera like the A77 is well over 2  to 3 years old. In which case resale value would have dropped significantly anyway.

And who's to say everything will improve without SLT mirrors? For one, the cameras would likely become much more dependant on predictive algorithms again for burst shooting.

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