"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: There is no accepted definition of "equivalent images"

Detail Man wrote:

John King wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

Amin Sabet wrote:

There is a proposed definition of "equivalent image" but not an accepted one.

Since perspective is one of the basic parameters in composition together with angle of view and depth of field, equivalence is not possible in any sense that will ever be useful anywhere else but on DPreview. I suppose that could be one of the reasons why only one person has ever bothered trying to come up with a definition

I think that you have said everything that needs to be said about this subject - in a single nutshell.

Simple, succinct, correct.

Well done.

Ooops: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51375949

Or mine?

Personally, I think that E2004 got it pretty right.

Defining the "official King James" version of "equivalence" is like trying trying to drive in loose sand. No firm foundation, shifts whether one tries to accelerate, reverse, brake or steer, and eventually ends up with one being bogged in the mire of utter confusion, convolution and complexity; with so many qualifications and "if/buts" and "all other things being equal" (as Cat rightly says, and so have I, the other things are never equal ... ), that it is an endless source of "entertainment" for the one true believer, and a pain in the neck for almost everyone else on this entire forum ...

It is also a paradigm searching for any relevance, IMNSHO.

The ordinary "equivalences" between different formats has been well understood for 100 years or more.
My Rolleiflex 6x6 takes different images from those I take with my 35 mm cameras (of many different brands over the years); different again from 4/3rds, my various phone cameras, my various prosumer cameras, my Minox, the 5x4 I used in my youth.
I do not find these differences surprising; or difficult to understand. I choose the appropriate one for what I want to achieve. And that's just a question of knowing how one's gear works ... RTFM? Good starting point, IMHO.

The VERY LAST thing that I set out to achieve is "equivalent images"!
Sort of completely negates the whole purpose and raison d'etre for having different formats in the first place, if you ask me - and a surprising number of people have, over the years ...

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