Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

seamutt wrote:

I don't know what all the complaining is about, I like metro.

Some people like all sorts of things, but that doesn't mean we all should be made to like it.

See skyglider's post above yours.

User surveys suggest pretty strongly that most people prefer for desktops and laptops to use the conventional desktop.  There's absolutely no reason why Microsoft should not have kept the start menu and made Metro entirely optional.  But Microsoft have decided what's best for users, who need a little nudging until they see the light.

However, user interface has little to do with it.  Microsoft want to push people to the Metro platform not for the UI but for the programming/delivery model that means they can sell software from a walled-garden Microsoft platform where they can force a pay-per-use or subscription model, and where they take a cut on all software, whether they produce it or not.

It's not clear that model will win out even on tablets and phones.  It might have done if the only alternative were Apple, but the open Android model may force both Apple and Microsoft to rethink.  However, I think they'll find it harder to force desktops and laptops to a Microsoft-controlled walled-garden.  Off the record remarks from independent software developers tend to include phrases like "over my dead body".  Let's see who dies first.

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