Torn between Min 500mm Reflex and Min 100-400mm APO

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Re: Torn between Min 500mm Reflex and Min 100-400mm APO

I had the 100-400... sold it because it was too big and heavy.

I tried the old MF 500mm -- great lens: small, light, sharp and cheap. Then I found how useful SS was with a 500. Focusing wasn't a problem (no sports/BIF) but having a choice of AF is always nice.

I bought the AF version and really love the SS and AF... but it's considerably larger than the MF version. I'd easily give up the AF for the smaller size if I could retain the SS. Unfortunately, the only MF version that appears to be convertible to A mount and perhaps chipping is the Leitz TelytMR 500/8 -- and they're not cheap.

If weight and size are no obstacle, might as well avoid the weird bokeh and go with the 100-400 or, if you can afford it, a 70-400. I also like the 100-300APO for its size and IQ -- but the lens I use most for my travel stuff is a new 28-300 Tamron which (with lens correction in PS) has yet to disappoint me. I want to add the 500AF to my kit -- and would if it were the size of the MF -- but now I'm having second thoughts.

Shooting FF, cropping from a sharp 300mm image down to what a 500mm would see, isn't that big a deal -- as long as the image is sharp. Now that Sony isn't offering the 500AF, I expect prices to rise.

The 500AF is a unique lens...literally.

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