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Jim Beverlin wrote:

Then in January I started using a Microsoft Surface tablet running W8 RT for convenience not that I am a lover of tablets (still trying to figure out their purpose)  or W8 (NOT).  At first all was well.  Now, I can pull up DPR articles along with reading threads but cannot reply to threads.  Trying to reply results in the reply directed to the "Write a Reply" page but the thread or post is never opened for me to issue a reply.  Same situation happens if the page is ""Reply with Quote".


I think your problem is based on the browser technology available for tablets running the RT version of W8 on an ARM processor. AFAIK only IE10 and the fairly new Chinese browser "UC Browser HD" can run on those kind of tablets. I don't have one, but even on a normal W8 PC the UC Browser app doesn't load the text editor of dpreview's forum, so that wouldn't be any help, I guess.

The solution could be to force your browser - either IE10 or the aforementioned UC Browser HD - to use the mobile version of dpreview's site. For this click on the link "Mobile site" visible at the bottom of the page at the left next to the dpreview logo. Then the websites changes to its mobile version which offers a simpler text editor that could & should work on your tablet. Give it a try!


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