Epson 3880 and 3rd party inks in UK

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Re: Epson 3880 and 3rd party inks in UK

Zone8 wrote:

camerashy wrote:  Thanks for your help on this one.  I have heard about Marriott inks before and think I saw  some of your other comments about them so I do intend to stay well clear of them.....thanks.  Jules,, I'm probably aiming too high with this printer as Im only an amateur and OEM inks would be quite expensive so may consider the 3000 instead.

Hi Dave.  Get in touch with Alex at for excellent compatible inks in UK - meaning refillable cartridges and inks - lists at present for the R3000 (you could enquire about the R3880 of course).  You would not be disappointed with the quality of the inks nor their stability on good papers.  I have said before that I would never use the Lyson inks but cannot put "why" into writing - some have certainly put their findings into print on this forum though!

My father used Lyson inks in one of his large format Espons (7500 I think).  The print quality seemed to be great actually - but they faded so quickly it was untrue - he ended up reprinting all the photos he had sold on that system as a matter of courtesy - one particular image I can think of ended up looking like a weird tinted monochrome in the end.

This was probably 4 or 5 years ago but it was bad enough that I wouldn't be trying them again personally unless I did it on a much smaller printer first and gave the prints a year to check the lightfastness.

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