Isn't it amazing......

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Re: Isn't it amazing......

VidJa wrote:

Don't worry,

I'm still enjoying my really really old D50 (2006!). I regularly do print A2 posters from it borrowing the A2 Epson from the Repro department.

To be honest. I feel a bit deprived of options lately by Nikon. I really like the old D50 size but its current counterpart, the D3200/D5200 have no motor so I would need to replace my already 23 years old 105 Micro Nikkor and lightly younger 50mm f/1.8  as well.

The D7100 / D600 are big and have no articulated screen like the D5200 which would be perfect for me (macro and archeological artefacts like coins, ancient oillamps etc.)

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What you need VidJa (and me too), is Nikon`s eqivalent of the Canon 60D....... unfortunately, Nikon doesn`t make one.

As you say, we are feeling a bit deprived. There is a gap in the Nikon line up, and I`m sure there is a place in the market for it too.

Will it ever materialise? I doubt it. Nikon had the chance with the new D7100... and that doesn`t even come with a screen protector!

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