Fisheye defishing and comparing

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Re: Fisheye close up

CrisPhoto wrote:

I love this closeup.

I know it is not easy. I tried some closeups with my 9-18 lens and had some nice shots. But with the fisheye I noticed that is hard to get a pleasant background. Almost everytime something disturbing comes into view (even the own feet are quite often included).

I think I will have to exercise a bit to get such a lovely picture ...

Fisheyes are great for wide-angle closeups including the whole landscape, and may produce an incredible deep-focus impression if stopped down (low relative background blur). The Nikkor 10.5mm focuses to mere 3 cm in front of the lens, at ca 1:5 magnification. Most others don't allow as close focus, and one can get extension rings thin enough. But certain Samyangs can be modded for closer focus relatively easily.

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