Maybe its me, but slightly disappointed in OM-D

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Peter Bendheim
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Maybe its me, but slightly disappointed in OM-D

I recently got an OM-D as a portable camera because I don't always feel like lugging the big Nikon's around when I'm not on assignment.

Admittedly, I only bought it with the standard 12-50 lens and I also have a 14-45 Panasonic from previously. I'm a bit reluctant to start another lens collection because I have a big investment in Nikon glass. So that may be a big part of the problem.

I do love the way the camera feels in the hand; it feels like a real camera and not a kitchen appliance, and it feels dense and solid and not hollow. All good.

I struggled a bit in the beginning with all the menus and settings but I'm ok now, I think. Once one gets it set-up OK, there isn't really that much one needs to change that often.

Where the disappointment comes in I guess is in that I find the images to be quite noisy. I think that is partly due to the kit lens, because in anything other than good light, one is using relatively high ISO's due to the aperture limitations of the kit lens.

I shoot RAW only, processed in either LR or PS.

I have the sharpening set to -1 and any form of noise filtering off.

I would have thought however than one should be able to use up to ISO1600 on auto with no issues at all, but I done really feel that's the case. Some skies are noisy, or have a clearly grained texture even at fairly low ISO's - but the grain is fairly pleasant however. I feel that ISO800 is the limit for me with the kit lens. I also use the kit lens wide open pretty much at all times.

It's way noisier that the Canon G1X I have as a portable camera, for example.

I've also experimented a bit with exposing to the right. The effect is marginal however.

I suppose to get the best out of this camera I'm going to have to start getting some better glass.

Or maybe its just user error...but after many years of shooting professionally, that's not really that likely.

Maybe I just expected too much, the jury is out. Suggestions welcome.

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