D600 vs d7100

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Why so defensive?

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But that is the whole point, FX is more expensive but you get also better capabilities. If you could duplicate the capabilities of FX completely with DX, there would be no point in going FX (yes there other things like base ISO performance, larger viewfinder).

The point is to have more choices. With an FF body you can choose:

  • buy cheap and save money while still get same performance as DX with much more expensive lens, or 
  • buy similarly expensive lens and get much better performance, or
  • get the middle ground, buy mid range lenses and get moderate better performance than DX with top end lens.

Put another way, there are no FX equivalents to the 'slow' DX wide-angle zooms, nor to the slow kit zooms (or even the 'slow' 16-85 mm).

Isn't that great? Even in worst case scenario you are still better off with FF

Or you can buy a D3200, 18-55 VR and a flash for the OP's application and put the other oh, I dunno, 1400 dollars or so, in your pocket.  All you "FX is cheaper" guys need to quit pretending like DX somehow HAS to reach an equivalency to FX, or that somehow DX is so grossly inferior that no one will ever be able to take a good picture with it.  I mean surely no one ever made a good picture with a D200...

Me and some others just pointed out that the common blanket argument "DX does the same thing cheaper" is not entirely accurate. You pay different prices for different things, and depending on the perspective FX often can be cheaper (to provide a given result).

You seem to take this as some sort of personal insult.

Nobody claimed DX is inferior (except - indirectly - you). We just pointed out that in terms of bang-for-the-buck DX is not always cheaper.

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