Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

Sean Nelson wrote:

I find text editing with a touchscreen very frustrating because of the need to do a two- or three-step each time you want to select text - a mouse is far, far easier to use for purposes like this.

BTW text selection with the 'touchpad' is a breeze compared to using a touchscreen (like the text selection + delete needed to make this post). The reason is that the Logitech touchpad has two physical click buttons (this isnt readily apparent but it is the left and right bottom rubber feet of the pad).

So to select text you 'left click' with your thumb and select with your middle finger. It is similar to 'pinch out to zoom' except that with 'pinch out' you dont click, you touch. Obviously with a 'touchscreen' you dont have 'click' functionality.

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