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Motherboard + i5 or i7?

Well, the new computer i have is great, didn't use many apps and games yet but the first impression is it is great, but i have that bad habit that i kee using one computer and filling it with many many aaps/files/games i may not need most of them and it may lead to some issues later, so for that reason i said i want to build another computer for tests and that will be my experiment lab and i can let my kids to use it if they want to play games, i don't want them to touch or use my computer, so i was thinking about something to go with.

Motherboard: I decided to go with Z77 chipset motherboard, but which one? There are many f that model Z77.

Processor or CPU: First i said i3 is enough, but then my bad evil inner desire told me go direct to i5 or i7, but which i5 or i7? I checked i5-3570K and by mistake and bad fault i checked also i7-3770K, to my surprise, the difference in price between the two in my area is only $100, so if that is the case i better go with i7-3770K over i5-3570K, but do you think i better forget those two and go with another cheaper i5 or cheaper i7 such as i7-34xx-35yy series?

The other things will be fine, because i ordered Samsung 840 Pro to go with my new computer, so the current Samsung 840 non pro will be used on that another backup computer if done.

GPU and PSU will not be a big deal, i have a feeling that i may buy GTX 650 for that one, or maybe i will to much money again without regret and buy GTX 680 or 670 and use that 660Ti on that second computer when it is done, i  am not in rush, i had my own great one and i can use and upgrade it slowly if i need, and anything inside it can be gone to the other one.

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