I'm going to ignore all the D600 Complaints and buy one

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
lordbeau Senior Member • Posts: 1,242
I'm not going to ignore all the D600 complaints and I shan't buy one

I am all set to buy a Canon 6D with two flashguns and two lenses. Yes, an expensive option for a Nikon user but it seems the 6D is the only new FF camera without issues:

D800 - left focus and other AF issues, apparently, for some users

5D - occasional freezes and image corruption, it is claimed (and too expensive)

D600 - say no more

6D - I have seen no issues, having continually scanned the forums

I don't think the D600 offers much over the D7100 except the buffer and it lacks the instant zoom on playback.

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