Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

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Re: Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

Alpha Doug wrote:

Aperture's noise reduction isn't exactly "poor", but it is somewhat difficult to use properly.  First you need to use the Camera RAW Fine Tuning controls to modify the basic RAW conversion that Aperture does to all your images as they are imported.  There are noise and moire controls in there.  They are subtle, but effective in getting a better initial RAW conversion.  Don't expect all the noise to go away, but adjust it as for as good and image as you can get on a "typical" image.  (Some like to set a different preset for low and high ISO images in this control).  Be sure to save these settings as a preset.  Only after you have done this, you can then proceed to add more noise reduction in the standard adjustmens pane tool.  But dFine by nik, and DeNoise by Topaz, are adjustable to a much finer extent.  My favorite right now is dFine.  The complete set of nik filters is available through Google, who bought them, for $149.  A raging bargain.

Search for some discount codes to that can be entered at checkout for an extra $20-30 off the price.


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