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Ground control to Major Tom...

Hugowolf wrote:  There are many operations which when performed under a space as restrictive as sRGB, could cause a push out of gamut during operations, which could (had they been in a more expansive space) subsequently landed them back in the expected output gamut.

Hi Brian, I've been wondering about what I have highlighted above in your statement for a while.  In huge spaces like ProPhoto, rendering and adjustment operations can throw colors far and wide from the edge of the output gamut compared to their relative starting position in camera space.

When the time comes to land them back in the output gamut, a color lost in space doesn't remember where it came from, and (I assume) shoots for the bright star in the 'middle' of the small triangle  - the direction is just a guess.

Compare this to moving to the output space at the very start and then applying rendering/adjustments.  Chances for error would intuitively appear to be minimized in this case, no?


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