New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

Hi guys,

I been reading this thread just now as I have the same issue. Always had with tis printer. I'm about to purchase the datacolor spyder studio set to do my calibration, but thought best check here first.

I have an iMac and I heard/read that Mac displays are always too bright, is that true? If so, will I ever be able to perform an adequate calibration knowing that my monitor will never go down enough in brightness?

Using the build in Mac calibration technique (which is visual, and I don't think it considers brightness), just doesn't get me close. However, my problem is that I have this with the Epson R3000. I had epson printers before (Photo 4200, R1800, and others), and none of those printed darker than my monitor (using the same iMac), so how does that work? Doesn't that indicate Epson is just off with their printer and/or  accompanying paper profiles?

If the problem is related to brightness levels, then does calibrating using a monitor calibration device like the colormunky or the spyder, plus generating print profiles with a profiling device, resolve this darkness issue?

Let's face it, many people have reported this as an issue online, and i did not change color management settings between printers. So really, if people have to start changing their color management settings, including the use of calibration and profiling devices, I think Epson has done something wrong.

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