Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

dradam wrote:

My Wacom bamboo touch meets my needs for photo stuff, but unfortunately is too old to be enabled for Windows 8 gestures.

Thanks again for spending the time.  I will seriously consider one of these.

Though, again, I do wish there was more options available.  Imagine something like this, or slightly larger, with a basic screen where your metro tiles could live, and could still be used as a mouse.  I'm not sure exactly how something like that would work, but I'm sure someone smarter could figure it out.  I just feel that the touch/point duality of Windows 8 offers so many opportunities for new things in the desktop arena and it seems nobody is even trying beyond the terrible idea of a touch enabled monitor.

Actually I dont know. It is interesting that when Logitech released its last 3 products - 2 touch mice and the touchpad - they referred to the touchpad as the 'prefered input device of the future'.

Now I basically buy that. If you think about it, touch screens are here to stay. All the touchpad does is replicate a touch screen next to your keyboard. To me that is far more 'intuitive' to a 'desktop user' than using an actual 'touchscreen'.

It seems to me that the 'killer feature' of the touchpad is the ability to horizantally scroll the screen itself rather than 'just' the 'pointer' on the screen. (At the moment people dont like the W8 start screen because it scrolls horizantally and this is difficult to handle with a mouse.)

As I see it, it is the software that is going to evolve in this direction. Take web brousing for instance. We have all read articles along the lines of the '30 best players in the premiership' whereby you read about one player get to the end of the page, have to click 'next' and wait for the page to load and then read about the next player (or say a product review that consists of 5 pages). Well it would work a lot better if when you loaded the first page, the 'next' page 'automatically loaded' to your 'right' and when you scrolled to the next page, the following page automatically loaded out of sight.

It isnt really surprising that a touchpad makes sense out of W8. Jumping between 'screens' becomes a breeze and that is what it is about. 'Windows' users want their start button 'because' it is 'on' the desktop. And they dont really want to buy a touchpad or new screen to make sense of a new operating system.

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