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Re: Canon 7D What more could you want.

RJ2057 wrote:

I am new to this forum,but not new to photography. I am out crafting pictures almost every day. Yes I live in Seattle. A great place to be an out door photographer. I joined this forum to gain information about how to better my craft, hobby and passion for photography. I decided to go with a 7D from the info gained from this forum. I have a 60D, was the 7D that much better ? Yes, Yes and Yes. Also right now you can buy a 7D for less than what I paid for my 60D. If your looking for a new camera upgrade. You just cannot go wrong with a 7D. Take the time to learn the camera and have fun.                                                                             R.J

I'm locking this thread. Too many people have crossed the line of civility.

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Street Photography: The Dogs of Vancouver, BC

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