Canon 5D mark III in street photography

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Re: Why so many rude responses?

chironNYC wrote:

Learnphotography wrote:

I highly suggest you go back to basics and learn how to focus properly. My old 550D can focus spot on 99% of the time in the street.

Why so rude? Read the OP's post. He is shooting in his own way, and there is little question that the 5d3 will be MUCH better for what he wants to do. Can he do it with a 5d2? Sure. He could do it with an all manual Leica, like Cartier-Bresson. He could do it with a 4X5 Speed Graphic, like Weegee. But the 5d3 will help him get more in-focus keepers by a very significant percentage given his style of shooting. That's what he was asking about. He doesn't need to shoot the way someone else likes to.

Sounds like the OP stepped on some 5d2 owners' toes.

I don't think 5D3 will give OP any extra advantage in street photography (I own both, so didn't step on my toes). As you said it can be done with almost any camera.

It seems that shooting from hip is his style. And if he is focusing more often on the background than the subject then how is he going to avoid that with 5D3? More AF is not likely to help, it probably will make it worse.

A friend of mine shoots with a rebel and 70-200/f4. I saw him shooting. He holds his camera at the waist level, and when he spots his subject it takes him literally 2 seconds to bring the camera against his eye, focus, shoot and bring it down to waist level again. So, I would suggest that OP becomes more confident and shoot normally instead of from hip.

And of course, practice, practice, practice.

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