NEX-6 & lense questions

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
NWWayne Junior Member • Posts: 27
Re: NEX-6 & lense questions

The in-camera lens corrections apply only to JPG files, not RAW. I found the adobe lens correction to be about equal to the in-camera correction, although I do not use lightroom I expect it would be the same there.

I have not used the Sigma lenses so I have no comment about that.

I'm well satisfied with the 55-210 lens, it might be considered slightly better than the 16-50 depending on your exact needs. IQ is better in the short half of the zoom range, although even at 210 stopping down a little makes a big improvement. Of course it is a little slow at the long end with f6.3, but I think that has to be expected considering the price.


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