What are the best GH2 lenses?

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Re: What are the best GH2 lenses?

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Without adapters, which are the best m43 lenses for the GH2? Specially for gorgeous looking video?

What do you plan to shoot?

Any HD (Panny) or MSC (Oly) branded lenses should do, but the below deserve special mention.

12-35/2.8 X, 35-100/2.8 X: excellent but pricey

14-42/3.5-5.6 X, 45-175 X: power zoom versions

14-42 II, 45-150: more budget version of the below

14-140 HD, new 14-140/3.5-5.6: the all-purpose video lens.

All of the Panny versions above have OIS.

I plan to shoot objects that short to medium lengths away. Would any of those lenses be appropriate?

More than just the camera and lens are all the support items needed. Just depends how much of a production you can afford to make it. From Matt Boxes to camera supports to professional tripod systems that use a bowl system to mount the head (lack of a better way to call it  now)

The camera and lens is one thing. You need a way to stabilize the camera if the camera is moving or not. Tripod, Monopod some other Rig.

Will you have others helping? If you use a manual focus lens they can pull focus for you with the right type of assembly for the camera.

Look at what those that shoot the Canon 5D Mark II or III do for video since its a standard for DSLR video shooting. Same type of accessories can cross to MFT's usually.

Last, it may more more sense to invest in a dedicated video camera for the same $1,000 plus your ready to do for an individual lens.  Just depends if this is for fun, just to experiment, making a living, trying to start a business.

For reference, got to the B&H photo web site and do some research and price comparing between a DSLR type camera and a video camera and what accessories you need to do what you have to do.

I have the GH-3 and its a great camera for video, but it takes more time to get certain shots I think vs a dedicated video camera. Dedicated video cameras (better ones) will have more inputs that are needed for professional needs. One thing everyone looks past is the Audio portion and that is a whole other discussion of how that will fit.

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