WARNING!!! 5D MK III Firmware 1.2.1 Read before installing!

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One way to find out

arbitrage wrote:

So after posting above, I got to thinking that why would only 2 of my 5 batteries give this error?  And why is everyone else only reporting it with non-genuine batteries?  3 of my batteries came with my cameras (7D, 5D2 and 5D3) and 2 I bought back in 2011 when I only had the 7D but I had thought I was buying genuine batteries.  So I went back and found where I bought them from on Amazon and now see that the reviews say they aren't genuine batteries!!  That solves that mystery.  They always had registered fine and I never had any problems and thought they were genuine all this time.  Oh well, those two can live in the 7D and 5D2 that I don't often use.  I'll keep the the 3 genuine in the 5D3 rotation.

I guess this is one way to find out which are the genuine Canon batteries.

I bought a second battery for my 5D3 from Amazon. I think it is a genuine Canon battery. It carries the Canon name and has all of the indications that Canon says to look for (proper hologram on the package, etc), but I guess I will find out for sure when I update my firmware.

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