Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

jpena wrote:

Honestly, I do not know what all the fuzz about win8 is.  Or maybe I am using it wrongly.

Granted, the initial metro image may be scary.. but just for a few secs or for the first few times. Then... I just click my application and the regular windows desktop with start button shows up and the app opens.

Am I missing anything? Why are people complaining so much?

Respectfully, it's not "why" people are complaining so much.  It's that they "are" complaining so much.

Omit "more stable, more resilient with crashes" from the conversation.  The folks complaining are not complaining about those issues.  They just don't care for Win8's user interface and prefer the desktop with Start Menu UI.  They resent MS removing the Start Menu from the desktop UI and MS trying to force them to "like" the Win8 UI.  Forcing won't work.

A different strokes for different folks thing, but there are enough folks who don't care for the Win8 UI's "different strokes" (no pun intended).

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