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Re: SlimBrowser

filibuster wrote:

Hi fuego and thanks for your response.

It's about a week now and still favouring it immensley, without any issues whatsoever.

This is what I am discovering: -

Capture screenshot built in (and used many times)

Automatically imports all favourites from previous browser

Automatically imported all my tabs from previous browser

Favourites auto-arranged in alphabetical order

Roboform works well although not entirely needed because it has its own password encryption software built in.

Can be personalised with skins (Rainbow and barik gold looks good.)

Can show local weather temperatures, and a single click gives 7 – day forecast.

Video download tab for grabbing off You Tube

Ad blocker and pop-up blocker built into the tools tab

The 'Help' tab gives numerous video tutorials to get one started on the right footing.

Still discovering other nice touches.

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filibuster (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK)

Well.. I should give it another shot on my home machine.. I think my work network was really bad this week so that could be the results of the poor response.  I do miss the mouse gestures though to move around the web... hope they can add that in soon because without plugins for things like this - its hard to use for me.  Thx for sharing!

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