Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

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Re: Worth purchasing a Noise Reduction addon for Aperture 3?

BandofBrothers wrote:

Hey guys,

I have recently purchased Aperture 3 for the Mac, and will of course be spending the next few days/weeks learning to use it effectively. I have downloaded some helpful videos, and purchased a book online already.

I was wondering, is it worth purchasing an additional Noise Reduction tool / plugin for Aperture? I shoot with a Nikon 1 V1 presently, so noise is fairly common on poorly lit indoor shots where I have to crank up the ISO.

A lot of the photos I have looked at online (fairly professional looking pics) have been sharpened using Noise Ninja. I have googled this, and there appears to be a standalone program for this, as well as a very outdated addon for Aperture from many years ago - is this no longer available as an Aperture plugin?

I have also seen the Nik Software collection comes highly recommended - in particular the "Dfine 2" program for noise reduction.

Would it be worth me purchasing one of the above to use instead of the Aperture built in NR, and which would you guys recommend?

Many thanks for any help:-)

The Nik suite with dfine 2 is very good indeed and integrates brilliantly with Aperture3. The built in upoint technology effectively allows you to mask noise in or out without any hassle. It is excellent and selective.  Apertures noise reduction is poor imo but can be selectively brushed in or out.

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