Isn't it amazing......

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Re: Isn't it amazing......

Stacey_K wrote:

john Clinch wrote:

B&W in a dark room. 3 or 4 hours to produce 4-6 poor prints...

B&W is what I miss about film. I was pretty good in the darkroom and still haven't gotten results from digital that = what I got with B&W film. Color? Yes digital is great and like you I hated color neg film because God only knows what you would get back from the lab. Slide film was nice but again, hard to get a good print from. But B&W imho still looks very nice from film.

Jeff Schewe's book "The Digital Negative" has some information dealing with color to B&W conversion in ACR and LR. It happens to be in the only chapter that is freely available for viewing online.  Hope this link works because DPR doesn't like the easy way to get there. If it doesn't, another DPR forum member (luigibozi) has the link to the free chapter posted on his blog.

Chapter 4. Advanced Raw Processing Using Lightroom or Camera Raw

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