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...this is something I've always wondered about.  Whenever you expand the range of colors, you necessarily decrease the distance between colors, for a given bit depth.  So, the question, then, is when the range of colors matters more than the gradations of color, and vice-versa, as a function of existing colorspaces.

The simple solution, of course, is to use 16-bits.

I take that as a given!

That does fine even with ProPhoto RGB.

So 16 bits per channel gives at least enough color separation in PPRGB?  Is the implication, then, that 16 bits is overkill of less expansive color spaces like sRGB?

Well, there's more to it than that – as you well know, there always is.  The real advantage of 16-bit images is the ability of the colors to survive tonal manipulations without posterization.  This would apply equally well to sRGB as to a broader space.  I doubt you can ever consider the potential of 16-bits overkill, but I suspect, even with sRGB you can consider the potential of 8-bits to be underkill.

Here's a nifty demonstration of the "survivability factor"

What I'm asking, I guess, is if 16 bit sRGB will ever have any practical advantage over a larger 16 bit colorspace due to the finer gradations of the colors it does represent.

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