SX50 - I don't like CHDK

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Re: SX50 - I don't like CHDK

I2K4 wrote:

I was interested in "Stick" seeing it for the first time on another thread, since it works on Linux, though it seems to need Java.

For years now I've been using Cardtricks for CHDK on Windows with no problems - it has a "make bootable" button - may good for you:

It's worth going through the tutorial slowly to get the install right.

I tried the "Stick" utility because it supposedly works on Linux but it did not work for me using Fedora 18. Yes the program ran and gave me a nice GUI, but when it came time to set up the SD card it gave me an error that I no longer remember accurately: something about too long of a name--it meant nothing to me since it had no other context about what was too long or why it cared.

So, I went back to the easy manual method: gparted to partition and format the SD card as FAT32 and then hexedit to write "BOOTDISK" at the right location and finally I just manually copied the files/folders to the partition. It took less time than trying to figure out what the Stick application was barfing about:


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