"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Olymore wrote:

GB, Thanks for that.

De nada.

I was thinking of a situation where the sensors were identical except for size (so effectively the M43 sensor would be a crop of the FF one), so the explanation is excellent.

I'm surprised that there would be one less stop of DR for equivalent photos with the FF but it makes sense after your explanation.


Would similar apply to other IQ factors like colour depth ?



Color sensitivity is the number of reliably distinguishable colors up to noise. Roughly speaking, two colors are considered as distinguishable if their difference is larger than the noise. In this respect, color sensitivity is the generalization of color to the notion of tonal range.

I suppose that within a generation or two M43 sensors will have similar efficiency to the D800 sensor...

They already do.

...which I've read is getting close to the theoretical limit of sensor efficiency and (barring new technological breakthroughs) the amount of DR available will hit a ceiling.

It will be possible to get endless DR if pixels can reset during an exposure and the bit depth of the image file is larger (say 24 bits).  The problem is representing that DR in a meaningful matter in the output medium (e.g. monitor or print).

So, if you want to maximise DOF and DR, there may be an advantage in choosing a smaller sensor when that occurs (assuming the number of pixels on FF is scaled up proportionately) ?

No, not really.  The Canon 6D, for example is a match for the EM5 for equivalent photos.

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